Jul 21, 2012 12:00am - 1:00pm

Learn about the Sweet Rewards of Saving a Life at Kittens & Cupcakes!

Charlottesville, Virginia: On Saturday, July 21st from 1to will be all Kittens and

Cupcakes for the kitten fostering open house at the Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA. Families

are invited to come decorate cupcakes while learning about the SPCA’s life-saving foster

program. Prizes will be awarded for the cupcake decorated most like a cat, kitten bottle-feeding

demonstrations will be given, and experienced foster parents and staff will be available to

answer questions about fostering. The majority of animals in the SPCA foster care program are

babies too young to be placed for adoption. These kittens and puppies simply need a safe,

nurturing environment where they can play and grow.

Summer is the breeding season for cats, which leads to unwanted kitten births. Historically, the

SPCA takes in more than 1,200 homeless kittens each year, most of which arrive during the

summer months. “With our limited resources, it would be impossible for the SPCA to care for

all of these kittens without the hundreds of families that volunteer to foster kittens each year.

Every foster home is truly saving a life. We could not be a No Kill Community without the

help of these Community foster homes,” says SPCA Clinic Manager Michelle Hamlin. The

SPCA provides the medical care, including all vaccinations, and assists new foster homes with

whatever they may need. Hamlin says “most of our foster parents have found it to be an

absolute joy, sharing their homes with playful kittens or puppies. Many families have also

found their participation in the foster program to be very rewarding and a wonderful learning

experience for their children.”

This event is free, but attendee are encouraged to bring a gift for the kittens from the “kitten

wish list” found on the SPCA’s website.

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