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This year “RIDE RANKS FOR A CURE”, comes to Virginia, so that our local cowboys could get a chance to experience this amazing school and get the joy of watching a large check being donated to a family in need. There will be bull riding, bull fighting and cowgirls barrel racing. We have recently started promoting this event and we also have created a Facebook page, "Ride Rank for a Cure VA". This event will be held April 19-21, where on the 21 we will be having a rodeo type atmosphere for all the guys and girls competing. We are going to advertise Sunday so that the public will come out and watch these cowboys & cowgirls compete in a rodeo atmosphere. We will be asking for donations instead of selling tickets to the event, where spectators can come and watch cowboys & cowgirls ride, get autographs, meet the professional bull riders and bullfighters who are teaching the school, and make bids at the silent auction. We are trying to get as many people to this event to help support and donate for this person in need, who is fighting for their life!  It's going to be held at Oakland Heights Farm in Gordonsville, VA.We have an application out for people who are interested in being considered for getting the donation. If we could add that into the info that would be great. Maybe add my email somehow? Or get them to contact you to get in touch with me? They have to fill out an application and the person chosen by the board will have to provide written documents from their doctor. We are still accepting applications!! :) Thanks so much!!


the founder of the organization, "Ride Rank for a Cure" is Rickey Ritter. Ride Rank for a Cure will donate 100% of the proceeds to the recipient chosen through the application process. Rickey Ritter has a group of people who will sort through and vote on the person they feel is most deserving of the donation.


The address of the farm is:


17110 James Madison Highway

Gordonsville, VA22942


Call 804-357-3457to ask any other questions

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