Apr 19, 2013 12:00am - 1:00pm

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What is a Mission of Mercy (MOM) Dental Day?

Thousands of low-income Virginians can't afford basic dental care or treatment for acute dental problems. In

response to the shortage of dental resources, the Virginia Dental Association Foundation launched the first

Mission of Mercy (MOM) Project in 2000. A MOM Project is a one or two-day dental clinic staffed by volunteer

dental professionals and community members. Each year, MOM Projects provide FREE dental care for

uninsured and underserved Virginians in communities across the state. Thanks to a grant from the CACF

Future Fund, the generosity of CFC donors, Covenant Church, the Virginia Dental Association, the

VCU School of Dentistry and over 350 volunteers, the Charlottesville Free Clinic is hosting a Mission of Mercy

(MOM) Dental Day in Charlottesville this April. .

WHO is eligible?

The Charlottesville MOM Dental Day is for adults, age 18 or older, who need basic dental care and

cannot afford it. You do not need to be a CFC patient to be seen.

WHAT dental services will be available?

Each patient will receive ONE dental treatment, either:

• Extractions (teeth pulled)

• Fillings

• Routine cleaning

Services for dentures, crowns or bridges will not be provided. ALL SERVICES ARE FREE.

HOW does it work?

You must have a TICKET to be treated:

• Tickets will be given out on Friday, April 19 at 2:00 p.m. at Covenant Church.

• Please expect to wait in line. You will receive a registration packet and a ticket with the time you

should return on Saturday.

• Please complete the forms and bring them with your ticket when you come back on Saturday.

When you return to Covenant Church on Saturday, April 20, AT THE TIME LISTED ON YOUR TICKET:

• You should go to the Patient Registration area.

• Once you are checked in, you will get a health screening.

• You will then meet with a dentist to determine which treatment you will receive, have x-rays if

needed and wait to receive treatment.

• After treatment, you will check out. At this time, you will be giving medications and/or prescriptions

if needed.

• Please note that you will need to wait for each step in the process. Thank you for your patience!

Additional important information:

There will be no overnight parking in the Covenant Church parking lot on either

Thursday, April 18, 2013 or Friday April 19, 2013.

Only patients will be allowed in the treatment area. If you are nervous, we have volunteers who

will be glad to stay with you during your treatment.

We are not treating children and children will NOT be allowed in the waiting or treatment

areas. If you must bring your children, you will need to bring another responsible adult (over 18)

to watch them.

• Covenant Church is a SMOKE FREE campus. Please do not smoke inside the church buildings or

anywhere on church grounds.

contact us for more information:

CFC Dental Clinic

Phone 434-972-6233 | Email | Website

Please do not contact Covenant Church.

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