Apr 26, 2013 12:00am - 1:00pm

The Albemarle High School Alumni Association is having "Another Night To Remember" and Albemarle High School Alumni Hall of Fame Inductions.  The event will be held at Albemarle High School in the cafeteria at 6:30 PM April 26  Leonard Sandridge, former COOof the University of Virginia, a 1960 graduate of Albemarle High School and an Albemarle High School Alumni Hall of Fame member, will be the keynote speaker   The Albemarle High School Alumni Association will be inducting seven new members into the AHSAlumni Hall of Fame.  They are as follows: 

Paul H. Cale, Jr. - 1966 AHSgraduate, community volunteer and leader

Marilyn Fantino - AHSEnglish Teacher and English Department Chair 1963 - 1997

Scott Goodman - AHSvolunteer announcer of football and basketball games since 1976

Bill Leatherman - 1958 AHSgraduate,  college basketball player and coach

Stan Maupin - 1967 AHSgraduate, community and political volunteer, Alumni Association webmaster William Raines - 1955 AHSgraduate, AHSteacher, coach and principal, over 40 years in county education 

ShermanShifflett - 1960 AHSgraduate - LouisaCountyHigh Schoolteacher, track coach, LouisaCountyschool board, a success story of hard work and determination

All AlbemarleHigh Schoolalumni and faculty are invited to attend this important event.  Please go to the Albemarle High School Alumni Association website and the A Night To Remember II page and register to attend.  There is no charge.

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