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Attention Walmart Shoppers

(Metro) Walmart appears to be gearing up for a retail price war.

The world's biggest retailer says it's going to cut prices on 20-thousand products this holiday season.

Company officials said Thursday they might also broaden Walmart's price-matching policy to include online retailers.

The company will also offer free shipping on at least 100 items on its "top gift" list. 

The moves come as Walmart has posted six straight quarters of flat or lower same-store sales.  Walmart also saw its holiday quarter profits fall last year. 

Boo! Its Halloween!

Today is Halloween, which has its modern origin in an ancient Celtic fire festival.  Halloween is the Eve of All Saints Day, or All Hallows Eve.

It's believed to be a time when the dead and other demonic creatures rise to walk the earth again.

Black cats became a symbol of the day because it was once believed that souls could travel back into the world of the living in the body of an animal, which was usually a black cat. 

The broomstick that a witch rides is symbolic of the magical powers of females, because it's used to cleanse ritual places. 

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