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Cville Company Developing Car App

Computer hackers can pretty much hack into anything these days, but one Charlottesville company is designing software for your car to help prevent such attacks.

Mission Secure Inc. CEO Davi Drescher says their efforts are focused on systems in your car that operate in automatic mode, such as cruise control.

"Some of the stuff we can do is kind of scary,” said Ed Suhler, Vice President of implementation services at Mission Secure Inc. “Because you really see how easy is it to get into the technologies that we use every day, to see what’s going on in the system and to make changes inside the system."

The company is working on a design that connects to a smartphone and plugs into your car to help prevent cyber-attacks.

They hope to have a working model in place by 2016.

UVA Tuition Increase Approved

The University of Virginia Board of Visitors Tuesday approved a tuition rate in crease that will take effect next year.

Under the agreement, tuition will increase by 3.6 percent, or about $470, to $13,468 for in-state students, and 3.7 percent, or about $1,580, to $43,764 for out-of-state undergraduates.

Under the increases, incoming first-year in-state students will also see tuition and fees rise about 11 percent, or $1,470, next year.

The university reports the increase is to help cover increased operating costs.

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