2 men tell Polish TV they have proof mysterious Nazi gold train exists

Two men told a Polish TV station on Friday they have “irrefutable proof” that they found a Nazi train that is said to be laden with gold.

More than 1,000 migrants reach Austria after Hungary mobilizes bus fleet in emergency move

A fleet of Hungarian buses has delivered more than 1,000 migrants to the border of Austria, where charity workers have offered the surprised newcomers beds, hot tea and a warm welcome.

Aunt of drowned Syrian boys continues fight to bring family to Canada

The aunt of a drowned Syrian boy whose death has sparked global outrage about the plight of refugees in Europe says she still hopes to bring the rest of her family to Canada.

Canada less welcoming to refugees under Harper's leadership; not swayed by image of Syrian boy

Canada has long prided itself for opening its doors wider than any nation to asylum seekers, but the number it welcomes has waned since Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper took power almost 10 years ago.

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