Nigeria's new president declares his assets, far cry from predecessor's 'I don't give a damn'

A spokesman says Nigeria's new President Muhammadu Buhari has publicly declared his assets — a far cry from his predecessor's adamant refusal to comply with a disclosure law.

Venezuelans rally to protest socialist administration, demand date for legislative elections

Thousands donned white and took to the streets in cities across the country Saturday in the biggest show of frustration with Venezuela's socialist administration since a wave of bloody anti-government protests a year ago.

French Environment Minister Segolene Royal laments sexism in politics despite improvements

France's most powerful female politician laments persistent sexism in politics but says things have come a long way since she was "ridiculed" in Parliament in the 1980s.

Congo to allow completion of some foreign adoptions despite 2013 ban

An official says Congo will next week allow the first foreign adoptions to be completed since a ban was implemented in late 2013.

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