C’ville Violence Being Misrepresented

Some members of state and local government are blaming guns for the violence that erupted at protests in Charlottesville this summer.

Several dozen citizens were armed with firearms during the Unite the Right rally on August 12th and Governor Terry McAuliffe says he plans to make that illegal.

As for the violence that occurred on August 12th– people beat other people with feet, fists, batons and flag poles; sprayed other people with pepper spray and one man even killed a woman by running his car into a crowd of people and other vehicles; but no one was shot in Downtown Charlottesville that day.

Nonetheless, Governor McAuliffe says preventing people from carrying guns at protests is one of his top priorities before leaving office.

Charlottesville City Council had already added the same request to its list of desired legislation for next year, and an independent review of how the city handled the protests- commissioned by the city- cited the presence of guns as a cause for concern.

The legislation has a strong chance after the last election caused a power shift in the General Assembly, lessening the control held by Republicans.