WCHV Monthly Sports Broadcast Schedule

March 2019 WCHV Sports Broadcast Schedule

Thu        032819  7pm       NCAA Tourn “Sweet 16” g1

945p      NCAA Tourn “Sweet 16” g2

Fri           032919  7pm       NCAA Tourn “Sweet 16” g3

945p      NCAA Tourn “Sweet 16” g4

Sat          033019  1230p    Nationals vs NYM

6pm       NCAA Tourn “Elite 8” g1

845p      NCAA Tourn “Elite 8” g2

Sun        033119  2pm       NASCAR (Texas)

April 2019 WCHV Sports Broadcast Schedule

040119  Mon       7pm       Capitals @ FLA                  (645p)

040219  Tue        7pm       NIT Semis (2games)        (645p)

040319  Wed      7pm       Wizards vs CHI                  (645p)

040419  Thu        7pm       NIT Title Game                  (645p)

040519  Fri           7pm       NCAA (W) Final 4

040619  Sat          430p      NCAA (M) Final 4

040719  Sun        1pm       NASCAR (Bristol)

6pm       NCAA (W) Title Game    (530p)

040819  Mon       730p      NCAA (M) Title Game

040919  Tue        ***NHL Playoffs Begin***

7pm       Nationals @ PHA             (630p)

041019  Wed      7pm       Nationals @ PHA             (630p)

041119  Thu        No Games Currently Scheduled

041219  Fri           7pm       Nationals vs PIT                                (630p)

041319  Sat          630p      NASCAR (RVA)

041419  Sun        1pm       Nationals vs PIT

041519  Mon       No Games Currently Scheduled

041619  Tue        7pm       Nationals vs SF                 (630p)

041719  Wed      7pm       Nationals vs SF                 (630p)

041819  Thu        No Games Currently Scheduled

041919  Fri           7pm       Nationals @ MIA              (630p)

042019  Sat          530p      Nationals @ MIA

042119  Sun        1230p    Nationals @ MIA

042219  Mon       8pm       Nationals @ COL

042319  Tue        8pm       Nationals @ COL

042419  Wed      7pm       Nationals @ COL              (DB)

042519  Thu        No Games Currently Scheduled

042619  Fri           7pm       Nationals vs SD                 (630p)

042719  Sat          330p      Nationals vs SD

042819  Sun        1pm       NASCAR (‘Dega)

042919  Mon       7pm       Nationals vs STL                               (630p)

043019  Tue        7pm       Nationals vs STL                               (630p)


**Schedule WILL be updated as soon as we know what dates/times

the Capitals Stanley Cup Playoffs begin