WCHV Weekend Shows Lineup

CVILLE 107.5 and 1260 WCHV Weekend on air line up:


Coast to Coast AM 1a-5a

Rush Limbaugh’s “Week-in-Review” 5a-7:30a

“Your Home Today” w/ Butch & Sharon Duke 7:30a

“INFOTRAK” 8a-8:30a

Coming Home Well” 8:30-9a

“Snow Knows” Garden Show 9a-10a

The Ric Edleman Show 10a-12a

The Tom Garrett Show 12pm-2pm

The Lars Larson Show 2pm-3pm

“Frontlines of Freedom” 3pm-5pm

“CVILLE SportsSaturday” 8pm-1am (Click HERE for Game Schedules)


Coast to Coast AM1a-5am

“Frontlines of Freedom” 5a-7a

America’s Family Farmer Radio 7a-8a

“Charlottesville This Week” and “Infotrax” 8a-9a

Joel Marks’ “Money Success” 9a-9:30a

“Everyday Faith” 9:30-10a

Freedom & Prosperity Radio” 10a-11a

Dave Ramsey Show 11a-3pm

“CVILLE SportsSunday” 3p-7p (Click HERE for Game Schedule)

The Sean Hannity Weekend! 7p-8p

“The Bible Says” ministry of Albemarle Baptist Church 8p-8:30p

More of the Sean Hannity Weekend! 8:30-10p

Bill Cunningham LIVE! 10p-1a