CFA Institute Offers Finance Grant

The CFA Institute is using an $82,000 grant to teach high school students about finance.

The grant will help fund programming over the next three years to help students learn more about the importance of entrepreneurship and investment management.

High school senior and financial student  Lucas Higgins says he thinks it’s important for he and his peers to learn more about finance early.

“If you have a program, if you have a club, if you have a teacher who is able to tell you these things, what it means to do business, what it means to invest, you’ll be able to actually know what you’re doing in college and be enthused before you get there,” said Higgins

The finance program will ​also include ​seminars, workshops, ​stock ​ ​market ​​simulations, ​team ​challenges, ​​and​ ​a​ ​three-day​ ​Financial Summer Camp. ​