WCHV Monthly Sports Broadcast Schedule

WCHV March 2021 Sports Broadcast Schedule (preliminary)

*NCAA Times from league, WW1 Broadcast times may be earlier

03/04/21              Thu        7pm       Wizards vs LAC (no pregame)

03/05/21              Fri           7pm       Capitals @ BOS (no pregame)

03/06/21              Sat          345p      #4 Illinois @ #7 Ohio State

03/07/21              Sun        230p      NASCAR (LV)

03/08/21              Mon      6pm       Hoo’s Talking

03/09/21              Tue        7pm       Capitals vs NJ  (VT ACC rd 1 bye)

03/10/21              Wed      TBA        VT ACC game one (earliest start will be 6pm)

03/11/21              Thu        7pm       Capitals @ BUF (unless VT plays)

03/12/21              Fri           No Games Scheduled (*pending ACC Sched annc)

03/13/21              Sat          1245p    Capitals @ BUF (unless VT in in ACC Champ Game)

03/14/21              Sun        230p      NASCAR (PHX)

6pm       NCAA “Selection Sunday”

03/15/21              Mon      6pm       Hoo’s Talking

03/16/21              Tue        No Games Scheduled

03/17/21              Wed      No Games Scheduled

03/18/21              Thu        No Games Scheduled

03/19/21              Fri           7pm       NCAA Tourney (Round 1) *JiP (12n)

03/20/21              Sat          12n         NCAA Tourney (Round 1)

03/21/21              Sun        12n         NCAA Tourney (Round 2) *partial

2pm       NASCAR (ATL)

7pm       NCAA Tourney (Round 2) *JiP

03/22/21              Mon      6pm       Hoo’s Talking

7pm       NCAA Tourney (Round 2)

03/23/21              Tue        No Games Scheduled  *Subject to change

03/24/21              Wed      No Games Scheduled  *Subject to change

03/25/21              Thu        No Games Scheduled  *Subject to change

03/26/21              Fri           No Games Scheduled  *Subject to change

03/27/21              Sat          1pm       NCAA “Sweet 16”

03/28/21              Sun        1pm       NCAA “Sweet 16”

230p      NASCAR (Bristol)

6pm       NCAA “Sweet 16” (rejoin)

03/29/21              Mon      6pm       Hoo’s Talking

7pm       NCAA “Elite 8”

03/30/21              Tue        6pm       NCAA “Elite 8”

03/31/21              Wed      No Games Scheduled *Subject to change