Albemarle County Sees Rise In Number Of Absentee Ballots

Albemarle County is seeing a spike in the number of absentee ballots on the first day of absentee voting ahead of the November midterm elections.

Albemarle County Registrar Jake Washburn said his office mailed out more than 700 ballots on Friday, which was the first day of absentee voting.

During the last midterm cycle, just about 100 were mailed out.

“Check your voting location and registration because we want to make sure you’re registered to vote if you’re eligible, and we want to make sure everyone goes to the right place on Election Day,” said Washburn.

Washburn said residents can call the registrar’s office if they are not sure where their precinct is located because there have been some changes this year.

The last day to register to vote ahead of the Nov. 6 election is Oct. 15.