Who can you trust? We’ve all been there. Major decision and thousands of potential choices! For over 100 years the Better Business Bureau has been helping consumers make those choices with information about accredited business. Now, Barry Moore, CEO of the BBB/Central VA, brings that mission to your radios (and smartphone apps) Every Sunday morning at 8:30! He’ll bring in experts from accredited businesses to answer YOUR questions! Just call this number; (434) 202-1980 or email them to [email protected] and leave your question (before the show, please) and Barry will pass it on to his guests!

The lineup of guests, past and upcoming:

7/09 Linda McKoy from Ecosystems Environmental Systems

7/02 Anton Dagner of Ambassador Limousine (Podcast HERE)

6/25 Kerri O’Brien from DPOR (Podcast HERE)

6/18 Andi Weisbart from the Virginia Credit Union (Podcast HERE)

5/14 “WIFM” (What’s In it For Me?) w/ WCHV’s Joe Thomas

5/07 Juanita Wilson, Wilson School of Dance (Podcast HERE)

4/30 Mark Brown, Orange Sock, Credit Card Processing Services (Podcast HERE)

4/23 Franklin Knox Photography (Podcast HERE)

4/16 Richard Lee Lasley Remodeling/Handyman (Podcast HERE)

4/09 Don’t Be fooled; “Accredited” is the Word. (Podcast HERE)

4/02 Jack Duffy – Clearwater Services (Podcast HERE)

3/18 “WIFM” (What’s In it For Me?) w/ WCHV’s Joe Thomas (Podcast HERE)

3/11 Vincent Tucker – Quality Moving Services (Podcast HERE)

2/26          Susan Wilkinson – Wilkinson Wealth Management (Podcast HERE)

2/12          Cynthia Hash – Find Homes Realty (Podcast HERE)

2/19          Frank Amory – Window Depot of Charlottesville (Podcast HERE)

2/5            Mike Sadler – Charlottesville Area Builders (Podcast HERE)